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Devotion Sept 12, 2018

I took the month of August off from these devotions.  It was pretty flattering the number of people who said, “Where is our devotions?”.  But you know after doing these for 12+ years the brain just needed a break.  Not that my brain does much work with the devotions as I have said previously God does most of the work and just uses my fingers to do the typing - but even with that there is a certain about of brain draining that happens and with all things the drained brain needs a little refreshing!  So I took off the month of August to see if there could be restored any of the dried out brain cells!  Let's hope it worked!
Seems amazing to me that it was 12+ years ago when all this started.  God had been after me for over a year to quit my job because ‘he knew the plans he had for me’ even though I didn’t.  It is a scary thing quitting a job when there is nothing in your immediate future but eventually I did quit because God had beaten on me enough until I finally did it….  What a strange time that was.  I had been working 3 different jobs for so many years that when I quit the main one and the other one had fizzled out and now I was left with the 2 churches I served - well, there was a time void that was disconcerting to say the least.
I remember that first morning I was alone and I had no where to go and I looked at my dog and said, “What are we going to do now?” and the dog looked back at me with his big brown eyes as if to say, “I don’t know but whatever you do I’ll do it with you!”  So the two of us got into such a routine that the dog was leading the way each day. And in fact if there was a day where there was a deviation the dog was really upset. 
Since all I had left was the 2 churches - my husband was working out of town, my kids had all flown the coop and it was just me and the dog and probably a cat because there always seemed to be a cat….. and I tried to think what I could do for the churches that might fill up this void of time because I was quite fearful of turning on the TV and watching Law & Order all day….
So I decided the churches needed some communication from me - every day. Each morning after breakfast I would get a cup of coffee (eventually I put a coffee pot in my office so it was just a cup I took up with me) and the dog would lead me upstairs to my office.  I had a great office.  It was on the second floor of our house and it was an old sun room so three walls were all windows and it was just a bright cheery room and I could procrastinate by looking out over the trees and at the cars who went by on the street behind our house!
Every morning I would sit down at the computer and the dog would sit at my feet and everyone was quite content. But now I had to figure out what type of communication I was going to send to the people of my churches….  I came up with some kind of scheme of what to send each day and now I’m not sure what they all were although I do remember that Monday morning was some type of churchy joke and then on Wednesday came the “Midweek Devotion”.  None of the other days worth of whatever it was I was sending stuck but the devotion did and here we are a plethora of years later and it is still coming - except for August of this year - and I have every confidence that if it is God’s desire then they will continue to come and I will continue to sit down each Wednesday morning and say, “OK God, what is it today?” and God will say, “Remember on Saturday when you…..”  and I will say, “Oh yea!”  and I will begin to type and voila there it will be!
I guess the couple lessons here are to remember that God allows us to take breaks every now and then.  In fact, God encourages us to take breaks every now and then.  That old adage, “Don’t work or you don’t eat” gets a little too overly used, or maybe misused,  to make us think that we have to busy every moment of every day….. God never intended that and we see evidence through scripture of God having people rest.  
But also the lesson is a constant reminder of God’s provision for our lives and I remember that terrifying moment of quitting my job and leaving the building with all my stuff and having a panic attack in the parking lot because I was convinced I and my family were going to starve to death……  
If you are obedient to God and you listen to God’s direction, God already has everything worked out and you just have to trust.  It was certainly true for me!  


Devotion July 18, 2018

Greetings All!
When I was in Junior High School back in the days when there was Junior High School which now has been reconfigured as Middle School - way back then in those days of 7th Grade when girls discover boys and boys have actually reached that place where girls don’t have cooties anymore, I had a boyfriend. We had been friends all the way through grade school and somewhere along the way came that transition where the boy who was your friend realized girls could be something other than friends and you start calling yourselves boyfriend and girlfriend!
Well, the special thing about this particular boy was not his quick wit or suave charm or his good looks but the fact that his father was the manager of the local bowling alley. The nifty thing about that was that most of our ‘dates’ consisted of my parents dropping me off at the bowling alley for the evening where because my boyfriend’s father was the manager we bowled for free all evening and on top of the free bowling we received free snacks!
It was a pretty fantastic time of dating - I wasn’t a complete mercenary only going out with this boy because of the bowling… I did enjoy his company and we did have a good time together and as a result I got pretty good at bowling! But it was pretty sweet for the boy too because dates were pretty cheap for him!
What made me remember these carefree Junior High bowling dates was a trip to the bowling alley with my granddaughters. I asked them what they wanted to do and both of them quickly responded in unison - “We want to go bowling!”
Fortunately I knew where the bowling alley was and I figured bowling would be a good family outing!
And off we went to bowling. Now it has been years since I have bowled - I have been in leagues over the years and bowled on a regular basis but that seemed like eons ago and bowling it seems is not like riding a bike because you don’t automatically return to your former ability when you go bowling after many years of neglecting said sport…
So my granddaughters and I make it to the bowling alley and rented our lane and our shoes and found our balls and we began to bowl. Remember the riding the bike thing….. I started out this bowling experience with gutter balls…. Yes. Gutter balls…. Not just one but several and eventually the balls started actually going down to lane and knocking a couple pins down and eventually there was a spare and eventually even a strike but still mixed in were those gutter balls.
I started to worry that my granddaughters were going to get a higher score than me - but then they had those bumper things on the alleys so that their ball couldn’t go into the gutter!
We had fun, I was a little disconcerted that I did so poorly after my long ago history of pretty good bowling but the real problem came the next morning when my feet hurt, my neck was stiff, my finger was swollen and there was a whole plethora of aches and pains. I wondered what had brought upon this achiness, and I remembered the bowling! All those muscles that hadn’t been used in that way in years reacted to this sudden awakening and they didn’t like it!
Just like it is when we neglect God for a while. When something within us stirs us or something outside of us prompts us to return to the presence of our heavenly father, there is a learning curve to get back into the routines of a spiritual life; of our relationship with God. And you know, just like those achey bowling muscles there might be a little discomfort involved with that re-entry into the realm of God; there might be a bit of work involved in returning to a knowledge of the presence of God.
But as you begin the process, God will be there with his hands outstretched willing to pull you along and help you regain your place with him. Like returning to bowling, it takes some practice to get back to the routines of life with God… but it is worth it!


These devotions began in 2006 as a way to give us a midweek boost as we live out our lives as the people of God! Feel free to share them if you wish.

Devotion July 11, 2018


Vacations are quite the conundrum. Vacations are necessary. Vacations are fun. But there are things about vacations that make you want to say, “Hmmm” (Wasn’t that a song a while back?)
I guess what spurred this on was last week when I went on vacation.
Took 4 days to pack cause we were going camping and camping requires you to take things that you wouldn't necessarily have to take if you were staying in a hotel - so lists were made, store trips were done, packing and packing and then trying to remember what you packed and remember you were going to WV where the days are hot but the nights are cold so 2 or 3 outfits each day is the norm....
The sainted husband was a volunteer for a PGA tournament and while he was sweating on the golf course in the searing heat watching grown men hit and then look for little white balls (Can’t quite understand this game where you spend as much time looking for something as you do playing the game) I remained at the camp site cause walking 2 miles in the heat to get where you needed to go after a bus ride didn't seem very vacationey....
Anyway, while he was doing what he did at the golf tournament, I was camping in the nearby state forest. (Well, I guess he was camping too it was just that he isn’t there much…..) What I experienced as I leisurely rose from a night of slumber on the first day, was this disorientation of ‘What do I do?”
Now when you spend most days getting up early and going for a walk, then coming home, eating breakfast, doing some chores around the house, going to work, coming home and fixing the sainted husband lunch, doing a couple more house things, going back to work, coming home and fixing the sainted husband dinner, cleaning the kitchen, going to a meeting or yard work or whatever the evening activity was, coming home, finishing up some work, watching some TV and going to bed so that you can wake up the next morning and doing it all again…..
Waking up in vacation land and not having to follow that routine is quite disconcerting….. There is just an uneasiness that you need to be doing something - which is why I purposely do not take work with me because if I did that would be my solution to this uneasiness, I’ll just do some work which then negates the idea of vacation since you are not really resting from what you do on a regular basis you are just changing locations for what you do on a regular basis…
So I had no work with me, there were no messages on my phone requiring me to ‘work’, and there I sat after my second cup of coffee and my breakfast and I wondered what was next. What do I do when there is literally nothing that has to be done? What an eerie feeling?
Now I had made all kinds of plans about what I was going to do on vacation. Rest, sit and not do anything while staring off into the woods, read a book, crochet, take a nap….. And all of that sounded really good and relaxing and proper vacation fare. But for the first couple days of this vacation the urge to ‘work’ was hard to shake and it made true relaxing pretty problematic.
But after time you get over what ever that "I need to work" feeling is and the relaxing nature kicked in and all was well and you are vacationing as you should!
Then you come home. And you kick into high gear as you have to unload all the paraphernalia you took with you and unpack it and put it away and do the laundry that you went through while vacationing all the while trying to catch up on all the work that has accumulated while you were gone and quickly the vacation is but a distant faded memory - a fond memory but it quickly almost seems as if it never happened. Back once again to the getting up early in the morning, taking a walk, eating breakfast, doing house chores, going to work…… And most people say, "I need a vacation from my vacation..."
But as I look back on it, the vacation did revive a bit of energy and go-gettedness that had begun to fade, so even though there were hiccups, it was a good thing.
God wants us to rest. Sometimes we think ‘rest’ is a four letter word something never to say much less do. Don’t want anyone to think we are lazy. Have to be productive. Gotta keep going/working/doing cause that is what we are suppose to do. Right?
Wrong. God says rest. Take some time. Recharge. Yea it is hard for us at first because of our rush/rush life style and our keep going mentality, but God says do it anyway.
And God knows best. God rested; Jesus rested; and we are to rest as well. It is a gift. You have permission from the highest authority and after all God is the only one we really have to listen to.
Rest. Take a day off. Go on vacation - or staycation is the latest thing - whatever you label it - Rest!
God will help you wind down and then reward you with a renewed sense of your presence with him!



These devotions began in 2006 as a way to give us a midweek boost as we live out our lives as the people of God! Feel free to share them if you wish.

Devotion June 27, 2018

I wan’t sure I should tell this story.  It doesn’t put me in a very good light…. but then I guess it is OK to take one for purpose of writing this devotion!  It starts by admitting I have bad habits - 2 of them in fact.  (Well, there is probably more than that but for today we will limit it to these two.  I’m sure in the future more of them will pop up!)
The first bad habit - well I’m not sure if it is a bad habit or if it is ‘just the way I am’.  I always disliked that phrase ‘it is just the way I am’ cause it sort of implies that we can’t change and if you are a believer in the power of the Holy Spirit then that is all about change but that is a topic for another day…..  This big build up is just to point out my unobservant nature.  Now what is that you say?  I just don’t notice details in my surrounding.  I hope I am never at a crime scene because I would be useless……  Did you see the perpetrator of the crime?  ‘Yes’ I would say.  Can you tell me about them?  “Not much” I would answer.  What were they wearing? I would ponder for a moment and reply “I’m not sure”. Were they short or tall?  Again the pondering “I’m not sure”….. The conversation would continue but not much information would be forthcoming.
I actually took a class one time to develop observation skills.  I was working as a chaplain in a hospital and during one of the trainings it was pointed out that to be an effective chaplain we should notice things about the surroundings and such….  I really did try but there is a skill that just isn’t part of me.  And if I think about it being observant I try but it just doesn't work out very well.   
One of my great unobservant moments came when I was doing pulpit supply at a church and my sermon was on one of Jesus’ parables.  After the service one of the congregational members came up to me and said…. “I was sure that during your message you would mention the stained glass window.”  Now I had noticed there was this huge stained glass window which was the entire back wall of the church.  The direction I faced during the entire service. Right in front of me.   I did remember it was beautiful - but the fact that it very plainly depicted the topic of my sermon just didn’t register…. 
Now the other bad habit that needs to be a part of this account today is my propensity to walk looking down instead of walking ahead.  At least I know why I do this - it has to do with the fact that I am one of those people who can fall down standing still…. (I feel bad for my daughter who inherited this falling malady).  It is not that there is anything wrong, I am just not as coordinated as many people - most people - almost everyone else.  
My worst falling story which is emblazoned forever in my memory came when I was in hight school.  In the town I grew up in there was a military school and all of the residents of the school  were required to attend church on Sunday Mornings.  Our particular church seemed to be the church most of them came to.  It was quite spectacular because the cadets in their nifty uniforms would ‘form up’ at the school which was on the other end of town and march through town in great formation, with pomp and circumstance  to church on Sunday mornings.  They would attend worship (they had a special place in the balcony of the church and that is another interesting story which I”ll have to remember to relay at some later date!)
Anyway, after worship the cadets would then get back into their marching formation for the march back to school.  Each Sunday after worship this gathering back together happened directly in front of the educational building of the church.  One Sunday my uncoordinated, unobservant self came out of the educational building just as all the cadets had put themselves into their proper place in their marching block and were facing the educational building…. I hope you have this picture.  There are 50 or so cadets of junior high and high school age looking straight at the educational building as I quickly come through the door and proceed to fall down the front stairs…..
It was traumatic.
So then began the habit of looking down as I walk because I have been known to fall down just walking across a flat concrete sidewalk….. Thus became the habit of looking down as I walk because then I can be on the lookout for items on the ground or sidewalk or road or floor that might trip me up - altho I don’t often need anything actual object there to cause this tripping.
So this uncoordinated, unobservant nature of mine came in to play the other afternoon as I was exiting a building.  This building as many professional buildings had two sets of automatic doors you traversed through to enter or exit the building.  Now I am not sure on this particular day if I had forgotten there were two sets of sliding doors, or if I had just become overly confident in the automatic sliding of these doors.  I wasn’t particularly distracted by anything… but I was as usual walking along looking at the floor assuming the doors were at peak working ability, gliding through the first set of automatic doors and of course not noticing the sign on the second set of doors which said something along the lines of the door was working slowly…..
Bam! Straight into the door I walked of course causing great consternation from the people in the vicinity of the unobservant, uncoordinated old lady who walked straight into a door because she was looking down while she walked and not looking ahead and suffering from the assumption that she did not need to observe the door in front of her because it ‘should’ be sliding open as I approached…   and then maybe there was some concern about the door…. The good news was I did not fall down which given my history was rather surprising.
Do you go through your faith life looking down and not observing what is around you?  Do you go through your faith life not realizing where God is and what he is doing all around you?  Do you have yourself charging ahead without considering where God may be and what God is doing?  Do you take the time to reflect on what God has done for you or do you just assume that God will automatically do whatever you desire, or want, or think you want?  
When it comes to our relationship with God we cannot barrel ahead with our heads down assuming God will open the doors in front of us and clear the obstacles.  Sometimes God will let us bang into the closed door just to remind us that God is not something we should assume, but someone we should be actively involved with; activity looking and experiencing the God that is with us, realizing his presence but also realizing that unless we observe how he is working we miss all the blessings, all the work, all the care and concern and comfort and peace that God offers.  We miss the wonder of what God does.
Look up!  Be aware!  The God you love and believe in is there… and we only really realize that when we pay attention!

Devotion June 20, 2018

I don’t know what it is like for any of the rest of you, but here on the East Coast it is hot. As in scorching hot.  As in not even cooling off at night hot.  As in there is no breeze and the air is stagnant and it is miserable hot.  As in there is no rain in sight hot.
So you understand the current climate where I live is hot.  When I first moved here I noticed that everything that was scheduled outside in the summer either took place very early in the morning and ended around lunch time or took place later in the evening past supper time.  It was curious since the culture from where I came most things started later in the morning and went until supper time….  
As anytime you move to a different location there are things you have to learn and now I know why activities here are scheduled as they are.  It is just too hot in the afternoons to do anything.  I was use to the hottest part of the day being around noon and then began to cool off  and now it just keeps on getting hotter until day is done......
Adjustments in my thinking had to be made and none of us like to have to change how we think…… (insert a smiley face here!)
I looked at the weather forecast and realized that the days upcoming were just going to get hotter and hotter and hotter and there was no rain in sight and the evenings and night were not getting any cooler and i looked out my kitchen window at my lettuce patch and realized that the lettuce was going to have to go.
We have a small garden behind our house.  I didn’t want a big garden because the days of ‘putting up’ the proceeds from the garden were not something I wanted to do, or really needed, to do.  Back when I was younger and my husband and I were first married and we were full of youthful energy we went into gardening big time.  Our house had a huge back yard and we decided to take about a 1/4 of it and turn it into our vegetable plot.  We even planted a plethora of fruit trees and berry bushes.  
There were rows of tomatoes that we had grown from seed cause we were young and thought we were really going to be pioneers about this food growing plan.  We had lettuce and green peppers and green beans and peas and corn and cucumbers and zucchini (which I quickly realized was almost a plague because it grows like wildfire and everyone has it and you can only make so much zucchini bread because you find out your husband doesn’t like zucchini….) and our fruit trees and bushes yielded many kinds of berries (this is also where we learned that the sainted husband was highly allergic to fresh strawberries) and peaches and pears and apples....  
We planted and hoed and had a great yield and I spent weeks canning and freezing and such and we felt very accomplished!  
But now I am older and realize I can buy green beans that are just as good with none of the work so gardening because something enjoyable with a minimal amount of work.  I like a few fresh tomatoes and cucumbers for my cucumber/tomato sandwiches and the green peppers are good for some stuffed green peppers and salads….  No canning or preserving involved and that is fine with me cause there are grocery stores within 5 minutes……
And then there is the lettuce. I don’t even put a whole lot of effort into the lettuce.  I just take an edge of the garden and sprinkle some seeds from the packet and that is it.  I give it a little water and before too long there is lettuce.  And more lettuce.  And more lettuce.  People avoid me because I am always asking them if they want lettuce.  I take bags of it to the church and encourage people to take lettuce. 
But it is now approaching the end of June and I look at the weather forecast and I know that lettuce is a cooler weather crop and if I don’t harvest what is left now it will wilt and turn brown and no one will benefit from the humongous lettuce yield I get every year.  After all I have been eating fresh lettuce (as have my close friends and family and anyone else I can give lettuce to) for almost 2 months now and I think that is pretty good.
Out I went with my plastic Walmart bag (which I use for just about everything around the house…..) and I began to pull up my lettuce plants and stack them beside my plastic chair until all that is left in that area of my garden is some leaf remnants and dirt that I quickly hoed so that it looked nice and neat and ready for next year's lettuce seed.  Looked pretty sadly empty but then I looked at the stack of plants by my chair and I sat down and began to pull lettuce leaves from the plants.
Now remember there is a huge stack of plants by my chair and the plants are pretty much still covered with tasty lettuce leaves, but I still sit very meticulously pulling each leaf off the plant, pinching off the smallest bit of brown and retaining the remainder of the leaf.  I do this with each plant and each leaf when the sainted husband wanders by and reminds me that I have lots of lettuce leaves and if I threw away the ones with brown on them i would still have plenty of lettuce.  He is right of course, and even though I try I just can’t do it….. 
My lettuce harvesting continues as I take each leaf and pinch off the slight imperfections and put the remnants in my bag ready to take inside and stand at the kitchen sink and wash each leaf individually and place them on paper towels to dry so that they can become delicious salads for myself and the sainted husband and all of the other people I will offer my many bags of freshly picked lettuce….
Yes, the allusion is obvious but something we need to be constantly reminded of. We are just like those lettuce leaves.  God picks us out from the world around us at just the right time, helps us work through those little (or often humongous) imperfections, claims us as his, washes us off and allows us to be used for his kingdom and his purposes.  
We need to be constantly assured of our specialness to God who wants not only the very best for us, but helps us to be the very best for him.  That lettuce would not do anyone any good if it were just harvested and just thrown back into the dirt…. the lettuce receives its value from what it can do - provide delicious additions to peoples meals at it is put on sandwiches or added as a garnish or providing the basis for a scrumptious salad.  
So sit up straight and feel good about who you are.  You are God’s special lettuce, chosen by him, cleansed by him, gifted by him and used by him!  

These devotions began in 2006 as a way to give us a midweek boost as we live out our lives as the people of God!  Feel free to share them if you wish.